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Industries / Food & Beverage

Tri-Krete provides protective coatings in the food industries for incidental and non-incidental food contact.  Food manufacturing environments are exposed to a wide variety of corrosive by-products and chemicals that foster bacterial growth and one of the most regulated industries, requiring stringent quality controls.  We provided coatings and metal finishes for protection against: corrosion, solvent sprays, oil and fat spillage, heat resistance and many other food processing chemicals and by-products.  We also Glass Bead on stainless for various companies such as Robin Hood Flours, Mr. Christie’s, Beatrice, Gay-Lea Foods, Maple Leaf Foods, National Meats, Coca-Cola, Molson’s and Labatt’s and various wineries.

When it comes to the food and beverage industry, Tri-Krete Coatings Inc. understands all the industry standards and requirements that have to be met in order for your equipment to be protected and be safe for use with food and beverages.

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