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Our Services / In House Inspections

At Tri-Krete Coatings Inc., not only do we provide you with protective coating services, but we also offer you in-house inspection services.

Our qualified personnel demonstrate a thorough understanding of a given specfication, it's requirements and of all associated materials and skilled workers necessary to prepare and complete inspections. 

As members of standard-issuing organizations including SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings, and NACE International: The Corrosion Society, Tri-Krete Coatings Inc. stays abreast of the latest technologies in the protective coatings field.  All of our inspection equipment have current calibration certificates.  


Our in house-inspection services include:
•Environmental monitoring (ambient and surface temperatures)
•Surface profile tape, guages, and visual comparators
•Surface contamination and chloride testing
•Dust testing
•Wet and dry film thickness measurements
•Adhesion testing (tape test, knife test, pull-off tests)
•Inspection reports
•Certificates of Compliance

For more information on in house-inspection, please contact us.